2003-07-23 15:38:18 ET

I stole some film recently and I've been trying to take more pictures. I have few photos which represent me in my current mode.

Lately, I've been wholly reliant on others to provide my body and mind with vital energy. Independentely, I find myself unable to conjure any motivation to procreate art or culture myself with literature. Or cook good food. I'm slumpy.

What a bullshit post. I'm gonna throw some pictures up right now.

I love Kiam 77. His shit looks like a super-intricate gravitational-levitation freeway system. It's so clean. It looks like its warped on LSD, in a really good way.

Anyways, I'z gots to be out to the LBC. Peace.
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2003-07-14 13:48:00 ET

Hello. My name is Daniel Issac Asimov.

Yeah, so like, last night was my birthday. Me and my closest friends went down to Seal Beach and had a little BBQ which included the finest (spelling error) Shishkabobs and fish. Well, only me and my main man Josh was eatin' fish, but nevertheless... You're not supposed to have fire on Seal Beach, but we said 'Funk dat!' Let me tell you, that fish was hella-succulent! MMMMMMMM!!!!

Yeah, then I crashed at my girly's house. My goodness folks, you know I hate to talk about personal relationship-style-shit on here ('cause I try to keep things open so that everyone can respond if they want to) but I'm falling head-first for this dame.

She's just got this unbelievable quality. Everything I could ever ask for is inherent in this girl, which includes a strong love for hip-hop, especially Cannibal Ox (see Dan's music listings). She's so fuckin' fly. She's tall as fuck too...she's like 5'10", but she don't shlouch, so it's like she's taller than I am. I don't know...I'm tellin' y'all, this is serious business for the D. Mad serious.

So yeah, that's me. Errr...now I'm 24 years old. I ain't really givin' a fuck, but certain things do pertain, such as the fact that I can't really ask for money off my moms n' pops, I gotta figure my life's path, I gotta really push the envelope. But fuck, why not?

I'M HELLA OPTIMISTIC Y'ALL! IT'S ALL GOOD IN THE MUTHAFUCKIN' HOOD! (or Fullerton, so. cal...whatever you prefer)

Peace baby.

2003-07-12 21:56:37 ET

I got a tattoo. Label me thine bitch if you must, but I got my CANCER sun sign on my back. At the latest shmoozer, me and my boy J.Mills was talkin' at length about the significance of the '69.' He views it as one side being 'love' and the other 'will.' I liked that idea. I also like the idea that, no matter what, I will be a CANCER, therefore, this tattoo will never grow to be outdated. It's on my back, right between the center of my shoulder blades.

I fucking love getting tattoos. I love the, and I quote, "PAIN." Like, it felt so fucking good! I loved the deliberate, constant discomfort. It really helped my mind relax. Aside from the endorphins that were no doubt kicking in to try to alleve the pain, there was this beautiful meditative quality that superceded. It's seems like pleasure blossoms your imagination and takes you outside of yourself, whereas pain refocuses and concentrates you onto strictly empirical perception and keeps you right where you are. Both have benefits.

Anyways, my life is good right now. I'm okay. Life has a very nice smell at the moment.

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