2003-07-10 08:39:55 ET

Today I starve. I am in financial debt.
Today I read. I must remedy this mental starvation.
Today I walk. I am without transportation.
Today I talk. Hopefully to this one girl that I dig.
Today I draw. Finish india-inking this one pic.
Today I smile. I smile like the retard I love to be.

OH, wait a sec, my friend gave me a grip of those stamps that you get everytime you get food from Subway, know what I'm sayin? HELLS YEAH! Get my muthafuckin' grub on FO FREE Y'ALL!

Went to another shmoozer last night. That's what I'm gonna call these parties that I like to attend, "SHMOOZERS." That's what ya do. Actually, I met this one great guy from Peru who really loved ABBA. Like, we was gettin' deep on that tip. And we were listening to Guns and Roses. It was cool 'cause we were really appreciating it. SHMOOZERS! Shmoozers are iffy, but seem to have a really good tendency at turning out nice.


I wanna do something fun, but I don't know what. I wanna BBQ on the beach with the drink-drank in the plastic container, know what I mean? We'll see.

I'm happy today. I hope y'allz is too. THURSDAY IN FULL EFFIZAY.

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The 4th of July weekend for the D
2003-07-08 11:05:18 ET

My goodness, what a weekend it has been for Daniel. I'm so happy in my state of unsettled inspirition. I'm gonna put some art shit down right after I write this little tid-bit.

I don't want to say too much about what I've been doing because I'm trying not to jinx or confine or objectify or falsify what's been happening to me and what I'm feeling on the inside. All I can say is that I've met this one girl and I'm totally fucking enamoured by her. I spent all weekend with her and now I'm like 'errrrrrrr.'

Okay, so yeah, really, I'm totally fretting. I'm totally scared. I don't know what to do exactly. I'm just trying to relax and not think of it too much. I need to continue with whatever I was doing previous to this weekend. I need to keep ahead of myself. I need to maintain strength and composure. I need to out run my mind, which right now is moving so fast that it's almost lifting off the ground.

Aside from all this beautiful chaos, I've been doin other shit too. Saw Myka Nyne on the 4th. He was kinda disappointing, but I had fun none-the-less. Went to an amazing museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Last night, I saw this movie called "Cremaster Cylce" with my friend Paul. Jesus-fucking-Christ, I have never encountered a movie so fucking bizarre. I mean, y'all know me, I'm down with fucked-up shit, but this was something totally outside of anything I've ever experienced. So far out that I don't even recommend seeing it, unless you're that type that can kick it on 18 hits of LSD and still feel relaxed.

Anyways...sorry for the mushy shit at top. I'm just kinda mixed-up right now. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD!


2003-07-03 09:18:59 ET

HEY, YO, stay with me for a second here. I need to get a tattoo IN A WEEK! I have a gift certificate for $50 that expires on my birthday (July 13). I NEED TO DECIDE WHAT TO GET! I'm planning on spending, like, $150. So, if anyone has any idea what I should get, please spill. (I only have one tattoo, and it's homemade, circa 1995 - needless to say, its not too impressive)

The 4th is gonna be unruly madness. Mikah 9 on Friday. It's gonna go off!

Went to a nice little get-together at my homegirl Lisa's house yesterday and got juiced-up. It was fresh. She knows, like, everyone in Fullerton. A lot of scenester kids made cameos. Fucking kids. I mean, they're cool, but it's always like they don't fucking listen or care about what you're trying to say. They just like to stand around and chit-chat about minor things and look good, and they do that very well. I'm always enamored by the beautiful people. They shmooze like professionals.

I really like Lisa. She's fucking cool. I think we were freaking people out 'cause me and Lisa where kinda hugging and lovin' it up and not givin a fuck. Thing is that Lisa is a lesbian. I mean, I wasn't having sex or making out like high-schoolers or nothing. Just some friendly love, ya know? That's how me and Lisa be doin' when we get saucy. We hug and hold each other and it's nothing to be alarmed by. A lot of peeps was getting all crazy with it though. Fuck 'em. They can't handle love. It's like "WAIT A SECOND, LISA'S A LESBIAN, AND IT'S AGAINST THE LAW FOR A LESBIAN TO BE HAVING FUN WITH A BOY!" Whatever. People are too regimented with self-imposed laws. They need to let go.

Anyways, I hope everyone who reads this has a good holiday. Remember to celebrate freedom, 'cause it ain't gonna be around for much longer.

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