2003-02-10 07:34:17 ET

Isn't it fucking wonderful when you write a long and compassionate entry about life and it gets deleted? That's always a nice painful little experience, especially in the morning.

How precious this life is. Or, you can make that statement into a question and change the whole connotation: How precious is this life? I feel both right now.

Skynet, a drum/bass fave of mine, is playing this Tuesday at a club nearby, so I've decided to go and dance and drink after school. Actually, I decided to do that earlier this week anyways, so this works out well.

I wanna go read something that works on my mind today. I need to work out my brain. So I shall commence for now. Peace.

(PS: I be lovin Green Velvet right now)
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2003-02-06 13:55:57 ET

Days like this make it really hard to be sad.

No need for the horoscope telling me about the future today. I can feel the good fortune of sunshine fall from the comsic ocean sky.

The weather, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, is guided by the same positive forces that compel my inner-soul.

Oh, but grey skies doth lay ahead. Yes, for the day of St. Valentine is sure to yield dark clouds and potential rainfall.

Let me note that I haven't been in ANY type of intimate relationship for like one year and two months, or some shit. And I can't really say that it's been bad or is bad. I would love to be close to someone, and perhaps I will sometime again. I'm okay with that...for the most part.

So anways, the rainfall I mentioned above will not come from the sky, but from a bottle of wine. Valentine's Day is the best excuse to drink!

Cheers to all!

Day 3
2003-02-02 19:40:22 ET

Day 3. I am not smoking cigerettes. Day 1, experiment; day 2, trial; day 3, verdict; day 4-5, settlement.


I'm interested in what anyone thinks about love. Any ideas whatsoever. What is love to you?

I'm trying to make certain adjustments to my minor lifestyle. I'm shooting for being a little less self-indulgant.

I've been speaking to an individual who is inadvertedly influencing me in positive ways.

I'm like feeling this constructive current flowing under me. I want to control my free-thought process a little better.

I think something is happening to me. A feeling supercedes me state of being, a feeling of renovation.

I'm listening to this one song that has some vocals by Les Nubian. It's making me feel really good right now.

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