Dogshit on my nice newly cleaned throw rug...    2005-03-27 04:48:16 ET what greeted me this morning. Along with a puddle of piss. At least she didn't do *that* by the door this time. I hate seeps out the door of my room, and spreads into my room just started smelling better from the last time she did this.

She does this for attention...It's fucked up because I don't know how much more attention I can give her. I'm snapping...she got railed on this morning...ofcourse, I'd never hit her, but I thought I was going to this morning. 6am is NOT my best hour...especially when I'm waking up to dogshit.

I need to get the fuck out of here, god dammit. I think I'll ask my parents for a vacation for my birthday...I'm losing it.

Oh, yeah...Happy fucking Easter...I hope the chocolate eggs the easter bunny brings you are actually chocolate.

 Sick sick sickiepoo :[    2005-03-23 18:54:50 ET
Still sick...but not as a dog...which is better. Mostly, I'm just tired, my sinuses feel dried out, and my throat hurts a bit. Any improvement is good at this point, though. This is totally not cute anymore.

I was finally able to give the girl a walk this evening...she's elated, I'm sure. Poor girl has been couped up for the past four days or so...before I got sick, it was raining, so no walks there...then I got sick AND it was she couldn't even guilt me into it, haha. Hopefully it won't continue to do this thing where it starts raining right before I get off work, and continues raining until sunrise. It didn't do that today, thankfully.

Wow, that was really boring.

Is this really what my life has come to?? Bitching about being sick and how weather patterns affect my dog's excercise? hand is twitching...that's new.

I need to get un-broke...and it needs to be fast. I need to make a more valid attempt at being social. Apparently, I needs to GETTHEFUCKOUTGODDAMMIT! Ahem...Even moreso, I need a where, like, I get a dogsitter and go away for a while or something. Maybe even just a weekend. It doesn't have to be a far away place...just somewhere that's not here...and not a tourist trap. I like breakfast...but not on vacation.

Anyhow...back to the dog and being sick thing...gotta feed the former and tend to the latter :P

     2005-03-19 19:44:24 ET
I'm sick...again. Yesturday, my skin ached, I coughed so hard I barfed, and was so delerious from fever and codine that I don't remember half of the day.

I'm feeling much better today. Still coughing, but now it feels like more of a sinus somehow my body is trying to convince me to cough through my nose or sneeze through my throat...not sure how that works, but whatever.

uhm...ok, thought I had the energy to post, but I don't...more later.

P.S. Why does Ashby only want to go outside when it's raining?
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     2005-03-15 05:53:03 ET
So, I overbooked myself for class...wonderful...I had a scone on my way to work at about 9am...I didn't see food again until 8pm. Not only was I in color class until 2pm, but I did four models...two of whom ended up being corrective color, which, sometimes, can take several sessions before it's right. You people and your black supermarket hair color have no idea how much work it will take to remove...dammit. Try an hours worth of color remover (so the bleach will actually do something other than orange), then bleach, then a toner...maybe a couple of times...and then you have to come back another time to get it finished because at that point, you've been in the salon for 5 hours.

Anyhow, so i had one of those today...along with an all over bleach, a regular color to cover gray, and a "second session" corrective color person...four models in all.

Meanwhile the head of the assistants has decided that there will be no assistant on mondays until we can find someone to replace Brad...without telling the color bowls are piling up, the laundry's piling up along with dirty dishes and hairy, filthy stations, cuz nobody can pitch in here and there. I pitched in as much as I could between clients.

Anyhow, so I had to go to the bank to get change and then cover the lunchbreak of the receptionist (instead of taking my own lunchbreak, I might add), then i had three haircut clients...the first and the third were fabulous and wonderful, and I really hope they both come back to me.

The middle one was a nightmare. I don't even want to go too far into detail, cuz I've finally calmed down about it, and I don't want to get worked up again. Suffice to say that it got a little bit too short for him in the bang area...Even though I only took off what I said I would...and what he approved would be a good amount. So he tells me that now he's going to have to shave his head...and that this is the worst experience he's ever had and yadda yadda...and after an hour or more of putting up with his bullshit (he was antagonistic towards me upon sitting in my chair...this man was looking for a fight), I snapped. Mind you, that he's said all this to me after I've already said "You know, i know you're really unhappy, and I'm really sorry, so I'm only going to charge you half price"...which gets a blank angry stare, then he makes the comment about it being the worst experience ever (not only because of the shortness of the haircut, but also because he has hair all over his neck ::raises eyebrow::). Ok, that was a little more detail than I intended...but that last comment made me snap...and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I told him to just not pay for his haircut and fled in tears to the back room.

Anyhow, so I finally got out of there at about 6:30 and RAN...i mean...RAN home. I'm so glad I don't work tomorrow...Some day, I know I'll have a client like that first thing, and will have 8 more haircuts to do, which is why I didn't immediately cancel my last client, which was tempting. So I stayed for her...and I managed to be cheerful and pleasant (I hope), though red faced and bleary eyed...and it was worth it...she was one of the sweetest ladies I've had the pleasure of working on.
The moral of this story? I have done over 100 haircuts since I went on the floor. Every SINGLE one has been pleased, except one (today). It doesn't matter how many happily satisfied clients you have...there will always be that one that makes you question the integrity of ALL of your work and will make you feel like it's all shite. People are cruel, selfish creatures. I can't wait until the end of the world. This man's hair will grow back in a matter of a couple of weeks...the insecurity he's left me with will last much, much longer.

Ahh...the life of a hair stylist.

 This is Horrifying    2005-03-11 13:18:13 ET
The Bush Regime

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