distracted    2005-01-17 20:34:33 ET
Yesterday when I was about to take a bath I was waiting for the water to heat up but it was still cold, I was getting desperate that it was taking too long and was still cold, so I just decided to close the valve when I realized that by mistake I had opened the cold water valve instead of the hot one... oh man, that was SO embarrassing! Signs that I was just really distracted thinking of other stuff. What a dumbass.

Today I spent almost 2 hours organizing a lot of papers and sheet music I have in my room, it used to be a mess, now itís a bit more achieved, I need a few carpets though. Then I kept on drawing of the wolf while listening Carmina Burana. The drawing is almost done; I think itíll take me about 2 or 3 sessions more (one hour of drawing a day). As for music, Iíve studying the fourth movement of the first violin solo sonata of Bach, bwv 1001, of course that I canít play it that fast, this midi sample seems to be of an eighth note of 250 metronome being the entire piece in sixteenth notes, and the fastest I can play it (well-played) is in an eighth note of 180 or 190 metronome, which perhaps isnít really too slow but not as fast as professional concertmaster violinists would play it. Anyway Iíll keep studying it for it does warm up a lot my left hand.

 one hour in bed trying to sleep    2005-01-12 23:23:18 ET

What is mind? ...oh it doesn't matter.
What is matter? ...oh never mind.

 Drawing update.    2005-01-11 22:34:00 ET
So finally I dedicated an hour of drawing while listening some Mozart, continuing the wolf drawing I had started some time ago. Here's a preview of how it' going:
I guess it'll take me longer than I espected.

 Blood    2005-01-08 22:48:54 ET
Yesterday I had a weird dream.
[if anything else comes to my mind or something interesting to my life Iíll only be posting my dreams again].

It was cloudy, sort of raining, but not stormy, I wasnít sure were I was just that I were walking by some streets without a clue I wanted to go. Finally I started recognizing some places I knew I was close home so I wanted to go home. When I got there, I realized I didnít had the key, I was feeling like if I had a fight or something and strangely I had the idea that I had to go somewhere near for the key. The rain got I little harder. I didnít know why I had a knife, I just knew it. I was desperate looking for the key out in the rain crossing some streets. I found the key and felt like if someone was chasing me, I started running but not for being afraid of them, but because I just wanted to go to bed and donít hurt anyone; I had a knife, I was bothered. Before I got home I stopped and look around, no one was chasing me, it was my imagination. I screamed and yelled with my face towards the sky. I was all wet. I threw myself to the floor, crawled some and stood up. I had a knife, I has feeling some sort of annoyance in my right ear. I cut my ear. I felt all the blood coming out and dripping all aver my face. I wasnít sure if it was pain what I was feeling, but I was damn scared, I cut my ear. I was bleeding. I enter the house finally. I went to my room. I was bleeding. The phone ringed, I answered, it was my father, I told him I cut my ear and he scolded me saying I was stupid, that heís be there in a moment. The blood was still dripping through my face. I finally put a towel to stop the bleeding. I was feeling really tired and somehow dizzy. I just wanted to sleep, and ironically when I fell asleep (in the dream) I actually woke up. I touched my ears, and knew it was all a dream. Yet, wherever I go I still feel like the blood keeps dripping in m face.

 I can't draw well    2005-01-05 20:39:11 ET
Damn weather, just 10 days ago we were at 2įC(36įF), and now weíve reached 28įC(82įF), thatís insane.
Vacations will end soon, I start classes again on 17th. Iím not sure yet how am I going to choose the subjects so not having a fucked up schedule.
Iíve been procrastinating again on the drawing. Itís just that Iím not sure what else to draw or how to keep on the same one of the wolf, itís kind of tired sometimes just adding now the shading but not more Ďdrawingí, just shading. Oh well, Iíll try to have new ideas or something.
As for the music thing, it got weirder, now Iím free Wednesdays and Thursdays but the other days I have classes from 9:00pm to 10:00pm, thatís kind of annoying, specially for Fridays because I might want to go somewhere else.
Well, if someone here has ever heard the ďsymphony of the PlantesĒ of G. Holst, you might know where all nowdays composers were inspired to make soundtracks for science fiction movies. Really, ďThe PlanetsĒ seems to be the pioneer of this sort of music. Take Mars for example.

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