ahem...SLEEPING!    2007-11-01 11:19:03 ET
we are one month away from december.
december is going to crush me.
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 store bought way    2007-10-18 08:47:08 ET
first bike crash today. it was more of just a bike tip over, really.
but now i'm really wet. and cold. it is not fun.

i love dinner parties. tonight i'm making french bread pizza. good food, good friends, good times.

some days i take my horoscope a little too seriously.

 rain rain    2007-09-30 20:51:21 ET
i'm the best i've been in a long time.
in school i'm taking philosophy and french. french is really hard, i'm going to have to actually work at it.
it's starting to rain again.
Patrick is going to school here and it's great to have him around.
spending nights with Red is something new and exciting.
things at home are tense but what else is new. too many personalities jammed under one roof. oh well, it'll all work out soon, hopefully.
i decided that when i am 25 i'm going to buy a car and drive across the country. really looking forward to that.

the weekends never feel long enough...

 so long, inhibitions    2007-09-09 10:29:02 ET
i'm very different lately. but i like it.

in other news...

 socks for your legs    2007-08-09 18:02:29 ET
what is it about redheads that makes me FALL THE FUCK APART?

in other news, i need to go to New York next weekend. I need to. Short notice, i know. every (roundtrip) ticket costs $500 at least. anyone have any ideas on how to get a cheaper flight? anyone wanna loan me $300?

     2007-07-26 23:18:24 ET
it always turns into something about "us" and that drives me nuts.

     2007-07-05 13:43:42 ET
so i'm in montana until saturday.
i like it here.

 non-suckage dept    2007-06-13 12:49:05 ET
so i was going to move. then a bunch of crap happened, and now i'm staying. i'll be living with jeff and this other kid james, who i don't really know. it'll be interesting.

i drank caffeine for the first time in nearly a year last night. it's okay though, 'cause i balanced it with some rum. my head hurts today.

i go back to Montana in a couple weeks. should be a good time. i'm in need of a break from the city. even the most non-city places here still feel like city. its stifling.

SIFF was fantastic. movies that are worth mentioning: The Aerial, Murch, Manufactured Landscapes, For the Bible Tells Me So, and DarkBlueAlmostBlack. i saw a few really crappy ones, too. i won't even mention them because i want them to disappear from the public consciousness.

i'm tired. i have one paper left to write for english before i'm officially done with school for this quarter. i failed my cultural anthropology class, probably. i'm okay with that, i think.

summer is pretty super. minus all the hot nonsense.

  something of my own    2007-05-07 10:42:02 ET
i'm feeling awfully restless lately. i can't keep still and my mind is always elsewhere. i'm faced with a myriad of decisions to make every day. and the hard kind too, not just the "what shoes should I wear?" kind. although some days those seem just as hard to figure out.

i want to live in water and be moving all the time. i want to get a voice recorder and never stop talking.

i'm investing time in relationships that are nonexistent and have little or no future. but for now it feels good and it makes me happy. it's something new. it's mystery.

i'm getting behind in cultural anthropology class, which is discouraging. i'm just so terrible at writing papers. in general i have a difficult time expressing my opinions in a structured format. i need abstraction.

i might not go to school this summer for a few reasons. for one, there's only one class i'd want to and be able to take, and that is creative writing. also, classes in summer are only 8 weeks as opposed to 11. also, there's supposedly going to be a family reunion in montana sometime, and i want to be able to make it. also, i can't miss the 3rd of July in Butte.

i want to move, but i have nowhere to go and no one to go with. i want to dance but the music never sounds right. i want something to explode, even if it's me.

 the answer is yes    2007-04-30 13:58:35 ET
i get sad sometimes, out of the blue, despite my walk-to-work-playlist called "today will be good."
do you think this could be a problem?

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