also, RIP Kurt Vonnegut, Jr    2007-04-12 12:59:38 ET
i often incorrectly spell words with double L's at the end.
example: barrel. i spell it "barrell" because i'm mental.
that's the only example i can think of right now, but it happens more often than it should.

anyway, i might buy an ipod?

     2007-04-04 07:06:49 ET
school! i am going! i have english class tonight! i am excited!

april looks promising, yet with few upcoming plans. a couple concerts here and there, and the poetry festival, and movies probably, but no big visits or vacations. which is probably for the best. i need some down time.

to ponder: why do we always have to define our relationships and interactions? and can we overlook such definitions? and if yes, who decides which definitions are healthy or otherwise?

 wasted and ready    2007-03-27 10:37:35 ET
i should have made a lot of mistakes in the past week. all the signs pointed to yes. but, much to my dismay, nothing happened. and everything is the same. the same and boring.

anyway, school starts in a week. funny how i'm just starting as most others are near finishing. it seems i'm behind in most things in life. i'm 20 now, and yet i still feel like the most immature person i know. even though i'm doing all the "grown up" things, like living on my own, and working full-time and sharing recipes.

also, denton (whose new nickname is dents) just told me that my bag sucks. whatever. it doesn't suck, he sucks. stupid dents.

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 movies i've seen recently    2007-03-01 11:15:08 ET
Bridge to Terabithia - totally adorable and tragic. i find i'm more impressed with children's movies because i don't expect as much.

Notes on a Scandal - great British suspense drama. judi dench is a hero. the score was a little heavy most of the way through, but i really liked it anyway.

Our Daily Bread - saw this at the northwest film forum. an unbiased (read: no narration or interviews) documentary about the food industry in europe. i think i'm leaning toward vegetarianism now.

The Lives of Others - German film about being under surveillance during Socialism. totally tense and intricate. won an oscar for best foreign film, if that's your bag.

also, this is by no means new, but i watched Cast Away last night. i think i seriously underestimated the greatness of that movie.

 Master Cleanser    2007-02-19 14:10:10 ET
today is DAY ONE of my Master Cleanser detox (read: Lemonade diet).
it might get pretty tough soon. but i'm excited. is that weird? to be excited about not eating for 10 days? yeah, especially for me.

in other news, president's day is a stupid holiday. but i did get to go home from work 3 hours early because it was so slow. that was nice. i came home and jeff was happy to see me and we started watching Fanny and Alexander but gave up to watch Big Daddy. yup, high brows, the two of us.

anyway, now my cousin zach is here and that's weird. he has this weird old guy named Angel with him, who is weird. you know, a hippie. whatever, they're harmless, it's just sort of awkward having them around.

ashley was here this weekend. that was awesome. she spent too much time with liam though, if you ask me. maybe i'm just jealous. relationships are stupid and i hate them.

     2007-02-11 15:36:13 ET
everything we do or say is code
for something we want to do or say.

     2007-01-22 10:11:23 ET
really, what the fuck am i doing here? i'm so young and stupid and they're all just pitying me, laughing at me.

i'm so naive and gullible.

 about a boy    2007-01-17 06:10:05 ET
whoa. he is just so beautiful sometimes. i like the bridge of his nose.

so my yogurt exploded in my bag on the way to work this morning. that was fun. and messy. and raspberry.

kyler came. it was comfortable, and hard to say goodbye. he asked me to get an apartment with him in california in two years. that would be a big step. still in the planning stages, of course, so who knows where we'll both be when the time comes. it might not even happen. i'll be 22.

life was rocky between amanda and i for a while, and the whole house could feel it. i was just nauseous over the way she was treating the matt situation. they're broken up now, for the record. i don't care. it's annoying and i'm over it. i've made the decision to stop investing so much time in other peoples' lives.

work is fun this week. i work til 3 now. the new girl, noelle, longboards and likes movies and works at the SIFF sometimes. she's pretty cool. and the ladies are loud and sassy and denton just rolls his eyes. other than the occasional crappy happening, it's been pretty great. i hope i'm not jinxing it.

i'm going snowboarding soon with david from work. he and i are becoming fast friends, which is strange because he's pretty much a least in age. but it's cool, he has a lot of stories, and he likes macs and he's into photography.

zach is coming to washington in a week or so. he'll be staying with us for a bit, which should be interesting. i'm not sure what amanda and jeff will think of him, but i'm just going to assume they won't like him because not many people do. anyway, i'm excited to see him and hear his crazy pot-addled ideas.

i just wrote a lot in a very little amount of time.

i need to return some library books and movies. they're due today, i think. tomorrow is the office party at jackie's. i think i might stay the night there, because it's too cold outside to walk to the bus stop at 10pm and because i need a break from the house every now and then.

 the man    2007-01-03 06:13:09 ET
yeah, not going to school this quarter. so...fuck.

 we're long gone    2006-12-26 10:12:54 ET
back in Seattle, feeling good.

i have a wicked infection on my hand. so gross and awesome and painful.
work is terribly slow and boring.
i should wear jeff's clothes everyday.
i should appreciate amanda more.
school starts january 2nd, and i'm freaking excited.

blah blah, nothing new.

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