no more bullets in battle creek    2006-12-05 11:14:57 ET
it seems everything is looking up for me lately.
i'm content.
i've been going to free movies and planning nights at the theatre.
i turned everything into sccc and now all i can do is wait.
i'm buying a christmas tree today.
we're getting a canary soon.
it snowed in the city, and it was beautiful
i go back to Montana in 10 days.
office parties with jackie are fulfilling and easy-going.
jeff is confusing sometimes, but mostly just fun.
amanda is happy with matt, and i'm glad.
reading adbusters gives me a false sense of rebellion, and i like it.
going to work isn't as painstakingly difficult as it used to be.
i do sit-ups every day for no real reason or goal.
i've been remembering my dreams.
gunnar is in new york, and i'm so excited for him.
i'm no longer looking for that fairy tale definition of "love."

why are you happy?

     2006-11-25 23:31:40 ET
friends should not date each other.
if only for my sake.

     2006-11-22 16:34:46 ET
i just want to go to school.

 schwarmphst!    2006-11-12 10:12:25 ET
i went to Jason Webley last night (after many complications) and the Paradox was absolutely packed.

i got there just when Jherek, Jason's bassist, was starting his solo set. and for some reason i really enjoyed him (plus, he's super cute and his hair goes swoosh) so i later bought his CD.

then, the fishtank ensemble played, and they were great. i danced and smiled a lot. i might even go see them again tonight. they all seemed to be having so much fun, which made them even more fun to watch.

then, jason webley. every show i've been to he does something a little different, a little crazier. he read us a story, and we lit candles and made wishes at 11:11. we danced and sang and made fools of ourselves. he brought jay thompson (!) onstage to sing. it was all so magical and heart-warming.

anyway, see Jason if you get a chance. unless you don't like fun. in which case, well, stay home, and don't be friends with me.

 49,000    2006-11-06 09:27:34 ET
Claire and Will came to town this weekend. Boy, they were fun, but they totally wore me out! Am I getting old?

it's pouring today (hooray seattle!). i called in sick to work, and man, what a good day to stay indoors. Amanda made fun of me for buying an umbrella because a "true seattlite" would just brave the weather. fuck that. at least i'm not complaining about how frizzy my hair is, and how cold i am, like she does so loudly and annoyingly.

I'm only 1,000 words into my novel, and november is already 1/4 over. i'm not going to make it to 50k, but i'm not going to stop writing. i just need to sit down and figure out a plot.

is anyone else taking part in NanoWrimo? if not, what are your november goals?

 a question for you    2006-11-01 09:23:15 ET
one month without sugar! man, i'm awesome.

i need to learn how to cook a thanksgiving turkey. i'm having dinner guests this year, and i mustn't disappoint. thanksgiving is the best. an entire holiday devoted to food...amazing.

it is a sad day when you'd rather stuff envelopes than do data entry. i wish there was a window in here so i could see that storm we're supposed to be having today.

what's the weather like where you are?

     2006-10-19 09:49:04 ET
i'm not entirely what is going on with this. i should figure that out before i update anymore.

ritz crackers are like, the definition of fucking delicious.

living in The House is great. amanda and jeff are great. we make dinner and cuddle and watch movies when they should be doing homework and i should be sleeping. we embrace each other's eccentricities and we're all far too nice to one another. when we need space, we simply don't return the "i love you's," and we understand. it may seem a bit passive aggressive, but that's what you get when you put a bunch of pensive, loving artists in an apartment together.

in other news, i'm going to take a test tomorrow to get into the community college. i guess i'm sort of already accepted, 'cause this is a placement test for english and math. i'm nervous. not about the test, but about starting school again. it didn't go so well the first time. but i'm ready, and that's what matters.

living in seattle fucking rocks. free film festivals, free theater events, coffee shops that are open late, rain, close netflix shipping facilities, real people, danger, an actual autumn...

 tourists around my home    2006-09-16 16:20:20 ET
so i'm not entirely sure why i still have this sk account because i forget about it for months at a time, and i never have anything to say anyway. oh well.

i'm back in seattle! i can't believe it. but, if i'm doing nothing with my life, why not do it somewhere i enjoy? and it is beautiful here. blue skies with a great chance of rain, and a balcony to enjoy it all from.

do i miss helena? no. do i miss my life there?
surprisingly...not really.

     2006-07-19 18:01:27 ET
seriously...i am doing nothing with my life.
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 i begged you    2006-07-06 16:50:08 ET
she's slowly stealing all of my friends.
why do i always do this?
i cling to someone who is better than me in god knows how many ways.
and then when the time comes to impress someone, i fail.
and she succeeds. without even trying...

i am so bored. it's only the first day.

had an eye appointment. i hate them.
i hate doctors and numbing drops and topographical maps and know-nothing receptionists. i hate my eyes.

i'm so pathetic today. pity me, pity me.

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