Today is preposition day! :) and Im late again!    2005-01-27 02:36:31 ET
And its off to Ömer's house again for the ever-so-fun PREPOSITION DAY! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

With my kickass worksheets and my too-big-for-my-feet boots. Gonna have to take a cab again though, because to walk I would have needed to leave like 5 minutes ago.

Late late late, the story of my life. Very late, and very slow, but somehow always on time and seeming quick in thought.

*butterfly tummies and a big gulp*

 I love my job! :)    2005-01-26 06:00:47 ET
Well, yesterday I was supposed to have an 11:30 intermediate class, but it was canceled and I had a 1:30 pre-intermediate emergency "help-us-please-we're-gonna-fail-the-conversation-section" class.

So, in this class there were just 3 people (normally 5) - one guy: Erdal, and 2 girls: Pınar and Belma. So they come in, sit - I have 3 activities for them pre-written on the tahta (board) like this:


1.) Conversation in pairs
2.) Personal composition (spoken)
3.) Game: "20 Questions"

So, we have the conversation in pairs -- rather one big group because there were 3 of them, and it went well. We then moved onto the composition part. I posed the question "How was your Kurban Bayram? (what did you do, who did you do it with, and in which manner did you go about doing it?)" FYI: Kurban Bayram is the first feast of the Islamic year. The streets run with blood - they sacrafice sheep and cows and goats and eat them. Pretty cool stuff. Anyways...

The rules were as follows:
-The composition must be 5 sentences long minimum.
-They must use perfect past tense and continuous past tense in positive and negative forms.
-Please watch out for the usage of the articles a/an/the.

So, they write; Pınar and Belma read their essays. I then take the essays from them, write them on the board, and together we correct them. Next it was Erdal's turn. Erdal's essay read thus so:

"My Kurban Bayram was very good. I went back to (the name of his hometown like 6 syllabuls long) and helped father do the farm. We delivered the ships to poor. We murdered them there for people and put the ship on a plastic shit. Later we went back to the house and murdered our cow and also laid it on a shit. Later my mother took the murdered cow and cooked it. It was the best.

I... I... lmao Yeah, and you know, I couldnt... I almost couldnt NOT laugh -- he... ok ok -- in the ENglish language "ee" makes the sound that the Turkish "i" makes eeeeeeee. So, when he spelled "ship" he meant "SHEEP" -- not a vessel; and when he spelled "shit" he meant "sheet" like "plastic tarp/plastic sheet". Also "to murder" was what he mistook for "to sacrifice". So together, I explained to him "Erdal, İngilizce'de In English "shit" means "bok" (shit in Turkish). He said "oh... valla?? (really)" and I said "valla.". He then started laughing hysterically, and we finished the essay but oh my GOD.

I love my job -- everyday I leave laughing -- not out of disrespect for the students, but out of linguistical bliss.


So here's what he meant:

"My Kurban Bayram was very good. I went back to Bdakjsfdlkjs and helped father with his farm. We delivered sheep to the poor. We sacrificed them there for the people and put the sheep on a plastic SHEET. Later we went back to the house and sacrificed our cow and also laid it on a SHEET. Later my mother took our sacrificed cow and cooked it. It was the best.

*Cheers tonight to Erdal and all my other students at Batifen -- you rock for making my days brighter! :)*

And now, its off to the house to clean and work. Yay.

Haydı görüşürüz! (See you later)

 Turkish toilet    2005-01-24 07:36:04 ET
The gallery "Turkish things" has been added to my page.

Enjoy :)

 late late freaking late HASIKTIR!!!!!!! (oh fuck)    2005-01-24 02:46:12 ET
Yep. Today is my private lesson with Ömer Bey (Mr. Ömer) and I am late. Cant go by foot, gotta take a taxi now. Uffff ya. Im so nervous -- we're doing prepositions today. Check it out (my worksheet):

Prepositions – IA: Introduction and formula
“from/of”, “to/towards”, and “at/in”

There are many prepositions in the English language. Prepositions help us better explain ourselves when speaking and help answer the basic question “where?”.

Türkiye’den geliyorum. = I am from Turkey.:

T ü r k i y e ’ d e n g e l i y o r u m.
Turkey from to come am I.

Köpekten korkuyorum. = I am afraid of the dog.

K ö p e k t e n k o r k u y o r u m.
the dog from/ to be am I.
Of afraid
Evime gidiyorum. = I am going to my house.

E v i m e g i d i y o r u m.
house my to to go am I.

Güneşe bakıyorum. = I am looking towards the sun.

G ü n e ş e b a k ı y o r u m.
the sun to to look am I.
Oğuz beni evimizde bekliyor. = Oğuz is at our house waiting for me.

O ğ u z b e n i e v i m i z d e b e k l i y o r.
Oğuz me for house our at to wait is.

Okulum Kızılay’da. = My school is in Kızılay.**

O k u l u m K ı z ı l a y ’ d a.
school my Kızılay in.

**note that the usage of “to be” is different in Turkish and English, and doesnt appear at all!!!

yeah so the copy and paste is all messed up, Ill fix it late to further educate SK with the joys of TUrkish. Oy uff ya.

Peki haydı gorüşürüz!!! (alright see you later)

<3 *tummy butterflies*

 RIP Johnny Carson    2005-01-23 10:17:34 ET
Johnny Carson died, and that's so so sad.


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