2003-06-22 07:11:24 ET

got real ill last week and had to go to the hospital...feel better.

saw one man army and the alkaline trio friday.

the vexed play tonight at el torreon in KCMO...you should go if you live here...it is our last show at el torreon because sadly it is closing....we play with the havoc....blah.

now i think i have an ear infection...i woke up too late today...i will have to do my hair after i get off work...LAME.

     2003-06-04 19:14:57 ET
my car is fucked...pistons and engine seals shot...i have 2 options to fix it...

rebuilt engine= $2700.00

brand new engine= $4110.00

i am fucked.

waiting to retake my suicide girl pictures for 2 weeks when i can borrow a 4.0 megapixel camera because the 2.0 is not good enough.

i hate my life. shoot me in the face please.

     2003-05-31 18:40:04 ET
today i feel fat and gross...well i have been feeling that way for about a week now...i don't even want to look in the mirror...and all my clothes look horrible on me.
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     2003-05-29 10:35:44 ET
the show went okay last night...our next show in KC is the 22nd of june with the havoc at el torreon....kc people should come out for the rock. yo.
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     2003-05-25 17:07:54 ET
sometimes i just want to die.

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