2003-05-19 00:09:52 ET
so it is 4 am....and i have been waiting up for hours because i wanted to hang out with my boyfriend tonight because i am going to california for a week next week, but he would rather watch the simpsons with someone named jessie. well all i have to say is fuck you jessie. whoever the hell you are, i hope you rot in hell. why? because it is your fault i don't get to see kyle, and it is your fault that i am not important, and it is your fault i get no sleep...because i fucking have to be at work in 7 hours now and i stayed up even though i was tired FOR FUCKING NOTHING.

god damn i am so worthless it is not even funny. why do i keep joking with myself and lying to myself?

     2003-05-18 18:57:02 ET
so i just emailed in my potential suicide girl pix...so unless all goes bad...you should see me on the site in a few weeks...

i am hungry...i want taco bell...i am making a run for the border.
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 laundry.    2003-05-12 08:41:26 ET
well kyle and i were going to go have a fun day together and have lunch...go do laundry and take pix while we were doing it...but i can't wake him up. this is nothing new...i am sure he will still be in bed asleep when i go to work at 5. i just have to get this shit done and can't wait anymore since it is almost 1 pm. sigh. i was looking forward to our laundry date :'( i am hungry but don't want to eat...i will get a little something i suppose.
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     2003-05-07 06:53:20 ET
yeah...i think i am going to just do it...yup...i am. i am a bit nervous...but oddly enough i think it will make me feel better about myself...like myself better...and be more comfortable with myself and my flaws...that way i won't be so hard on myself the rest of my life...yes...i think i will try it and do it.

     2003-05-03 22:41:27 ET
lookie....right click and open you assholes

kyle made it

what a flair for interior design my boyfriend has. wow. i am one lucky fucking bitch. you all want it.

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