Hallooo...    2003-12-28 13:30:09 ET
I'm home for the holidays... and it's great fun. Everyone I know complains about how boring going home is but I'd have to say that I am having a lot of fun here. This is the first day that I've actually had 2 hours of just chill time!!

And tonight is going to be so much fun also!!!!

Going to Rockwall to visit some friends from the Xanga.


 "Catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun..."    2003-12-11 14:03:47 ET
Okay so quick break from studying... I AM DYING A SLOW DEATH HERE!!!

8 HOURS!!! 2 DAYS and 8 HOURS of MATH!!!! ACH!!!

...but I need a B so badly... I am going for an A on the final... I do that I am home free.

New APC album Thirteenth Step... so good...
Favorite Song So Far: Weak and Powerless
*There's 2 versions out there. Both are incredible.

Ummm... New Hoobastank album The Reason... hmmm...
Not as good as I would have hoped but what can you expect from them... well I wanted just a little more then they gave on their last album but no... nothing more...just the same ole same ole.
Favorite Song So Far: From the Heart


NEW incubus album coming out this Spring!!!!!
WAHOOO... okay... that is all!!!!


 "Sometimes I drive or ride with my eyes closed tight..."    2003-11-30 22:16:48 ET
This weekend was a good break from the hectic college routine. I got to sleep in my bed. I got to eat my dad's cooking. I got to drive my volvo. I got to see my ex-girlfriends... all 7,000!!! bLaH... so I could have done with out the last part but oh well! I HAD FUN!!!

Woke up at 7:00am in a Hotel room with my ex(Anna) who I had taken care of the night before... she was not feeling too well... and I was not in the best of moods. I needed to be home quite earlier than that so my parents wouldn't worry. Well not so bueno about that but I did do everything they wanted me to so I didn't get in too much trouble... just a little aggressive questioning by my father.

Whatever... I was in a good mood.

"Eyes closed tight because if the skyline looks this way then I don't want to sleep tonight."

 Boom    2003-11-25 23:32:03 ET
I just got done hanging out with my 22 year old friend Amanda tonight. Went to about 3 different bars... and I paid approximately nothing!! It was awesome. I met so many cool people tonight too... too bad thay all think I'm 21 when I'm actually 19.

HAHAHA... I do act mature for my age though. I'll just have to hang out with Amanda more often in order to get to know all these cool people I met tonight so I can have some "connections". '

HAHA... I'm a drunk loser.


 Why is that you can 'only' experience the world when you are single?    2003-11-20 22:06:42 ET
Well see I disagree with that thought. To insert the word "only" is mass generalization. You can experience the world with someone but that gives you the false pretense that you are holding hands the whole way through your life. You don't grow alone... you grow beside.

I see true growth being more of a singular aspect than a shared one... I want to grow by being alone. I want to live with only myself as being there. Atleast for now.

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