CARE TO WATCH SOME PAINT DRY? (if yes, read ahead!)
2004-01-30 12:52:38 ET

My life is nice right now. I can't complain 'bout shit, which makes for a TERRIBLY BORING entry. It'd be a better idea to go and douse a sock with rubbing alcohol, then put it in a bag and huff that shit.

Has anyone here ever huffed chemicals? I certainly have. Jeez-Louise, have I ever! Actually, if there's one activity that I've partaken in that I wish I could un-partake in, it would be that of huffing spray paint. I used to do that shit a lot when I was younger. I think half of my brain is gone as a result, not to mention my liver and those pesky little kidneys. Woo-hoo!

I've done too many drugs. I'm gonna die a horrible death. Cool thing is that I'm never gonna fully realize this fact until it hits me. So, you know, it's kinda like credit: I get all this time to do whatever the fuck I want until my life-credit runs up, THEN I HAVE TO PAY A DEAR DEAR PRICE!!! You think I give a shit? For fuck's sake, I'm an AMERICAN, BITCH!


That was actually pulled from a quote I like from Yeats (or is it Keats?) that says something like "Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know and all ye needs to know."

Peace to all of you.

(I'd like to give a big shout out to anyone who decided to read this far. You are the only reason that I'm alive today. Thank you for sustaining my life.)

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FIRST DAY OF SKOOL (and the latest in Daniel's sex life!)
2004-01-13 14:20:28 ET

yes, today was my first day of going to Long Beach City College. And it was wonderful! Well, for the most part. I got an Anthropology teacher who doesn't talk very loud, and it's crowded and there's a gang of fuckhead kids who have stupid-ass conversations while the quiet teacher is talking. Other than that, fabulous. I got a really cool philosophy teacher. My psychology teacher is really cool too. I think everything's gonna work out nice and fuckin' dandy.

So yeah, other stuff in my life. I've been hanging out with my friend Molly who just recently moved to Long Beach. She's really cool. She's got some mighty-fine assets: she likes to cook, she uses obscure-ass words, she likes good music and collects records, she likes to drink, she likes to draw, etc...good stuff that Daniel likes.

And yeah, we keep gettin' it on. Like, the whole 9-yards-type gettin' it on. And I'm okay with that, 'cause I like to get it on. Thing is I know this isn't some safe "we're just friends who like to mack it every here-and-there;" I think that she like-likes me. You know how you can tell when someone likes you? Shit like she keeps making me dinner and buying me booze and molesting me when I'm sleeping, the shit that indicates that someone may like you more than just a friend. But I'm not really into her that way. Like, at all.

It's like, you know when you got something 'cause you get that twinkly feeling when you kiss n' shit and you wish the moment could last for a really long time? I don't get that. I get thoughts like "damn, I really wanna have a cigerette" or "I should go home and make some beats" or "I wonder how much money is in my bank account?" And I'm entering the total-asshole zone where I'm prolonging this thing 'cause I like the benefits. Isn't that terrible?

I mean, she's really cool, like I said, but there's no future in it. It'd be cool if it was just a temporary horny thang, but I'm getting the feeling that this is gonna turn into yet another situation where I end up hurting someones feelings and losing a friend. I've told her many times that I don't want a serious relationship and that we're just mackin' it 'cause mackin' it is a quality use of time. Nothing more. So I'm not like leading her on...technically.

Whatever. We'll see. As for now, I'm gonna smoke some weed and take a shower, then I'm gonna eat a sandwich and listen to music. Then after that, I'll probably go to Molly's and get my mack on.


i hope all y'all have a positive and fun year
2004-01-03 20:43:33 ET

So I spent New Years down in San Diego at my boy David's house with a lot of good friends. We got buck wild all weekend. Actually, I realized that I ain't nearly as crazy as all my friends - they just don't quit!

While I was passed out, two of my friends managed to find my sketch book and write stuff on almost every page. I posted some here 'cause I think they're great, plus I absolutely love it when people add stuff to what I create: It's so much more fun that way! I would post a lot more, but they're quite explicit, albeit funny-as-all-fuck, so I opted to bypass. But yo, here's some right hurrr...

So yeah, New Years was fun. I just got done with spending an entire week with my friends Matt and Elizebeth, and it was so fucking wonderful! We drank a lot, laughed a lot, travelled a lot, ate a lot, all that good shit. I'm kinda drained of seritonin right now (where's the HTTP-5 when you really need it?), so I'm not gonna continue much further with this post. I just wanna relax. I'm tired and somber. I must admit that I enjoy a little bit of somberness here and then. The right kind of 'somber' feels almost cozy, know wha I mean?

I wanted to stop drinking starting today, but Elizebeth happened to leave a ton of beer in my fridge, so now I'm back at it. I need a dominitrix. No, seriously, I'm not losing sight my my new years resolution to cut back on my severe drinking habit. I'm gonna work it out.

There's actually a lot more to report on, including an increadible artshow I attended as well as some wierd 'gettin-busy' type-shit, but not right now. Now I'm gonna drink the rest of this beer and listen to music. No one is home right now, so I'm going to enjoy being alone.

So yo, let this prove a positive year for everyone. My forecast is that shit is gonna be super nice.

Peace y'all.

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