2004-06-24 08:15:01 ET


I'm such a dumbfuck for checkin' on this site when I have no time to write anything. I'm sorry I haven't been keepin' up. I'm gonna try to change that. But anywayz...I got this other site now that I like 'cause I can pick up on chicks dude. Here's the address for anyone who may give a fuck:


OKAY, I GOTTA GO!!! I'm totally late for life. I'll be back soon.

I love you.


Read this and you'll get a treat!
2004-04-09 17:37:32 ET

Howdy folks! It's D-D-D-D-DANIEL!!!

Fuck. It's been quite a muthafucka since the last time I set foot on these dark and gothic-esqe shores. Fuckin' cold here man. Jesus...Anyhoo.

I'm currently tripping on how goddamn good everything smells! That's right, Daniel's quittin' them cigerettes again! The primary problem with these episodes of "kickin' it" are that I get tired, I trip the fuck out, and I can't stop cussing. Like, at work, I'll be in the back assembling some frame, just totally in my own fucking galaxy, saying all sorts of fucked up shit. Like today, I put together this bomb multi-opening collage of pictures for this one woman and her beautiful asian family. But damn, the main grandpa guy was stolid-as-fuck! So I kept talking out loud saying "damn, he don't smile for shit! And like twice some fucking peeping-tom customer was checkin' me out the whole time. Voyeurs man, they'll fuck you up.

Errr...uh...if you got this far, DON'T STOP! I'll have some treats for you at the end!!!

Oh yeah, I'm working full-time now, so that means I'm getting over $1000 a month. Can somebody say horray for Daniel's poverty-strickin ass?

This whole week has been really nice. The lady who lives here has been gone for a couple of days, so I've been basking in absolute peace and happiness! Serious, every night I've been hittin' the hay no later than 12:00. Shit, on Wednesday night, I fuckin' hit that shit up at like 10:00pm! That's like fuckin' 7-year-old shit. GOD, it makes me think of how fucking happy I'd be if I had my own room.

Oh well. So I haven't been drinking this whole week, which is one-fuck-of-an-accomplishment considering I'm like an everyday wino. Thing is, it's Friday and I don't want to drink or smoke, so I don't really want to be around anyone. I just kinda wanna be alone.

It's so hard to find solitude these days. And fuck that whole "solitude's in your mind bro." Solitude is being alone with some books and some CDs and some pot and some food, in a comfortable environment, bitch.



2004-03-03 15:42:48 ET

"But even within this sadness I feel a great leap of joy and a great desire to love simply at the sight of a hill against the evening sky." Camus

Sadness has found its way back into my daily routine. I am back into the forced habit of waking up very early (no matter how late I was up the night before) and walking to get coffee and talk myself out of my somber mindset. This process is effective. But I find that once I walk through the doorway of my apt, I am sad all over again.

It's quite disheartening and I wish it would leave. The way to alleviate this sadness is to find the root and analyze how and why it got inside of me.


I can't stand it. I'm in a place that I've visited before. A place in my mind where I can't seem to stop tearing my hair out, can't stop talking endless jargon of self-pity and over-analysis. I WANT OUT OF THIS GODDAMN PLACE!


I hate where I'm at, so I'm gonna go. Walk to nowhere and let my eyes absorb the last bit of daylight before the night comes and I have no escape.

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