2004-07-08 21:49:42 ET

I shall be back. I need to move and may not be on the internet for a tiny millisecond.

Peace to all y'alls. See you soon.

The flag, the freaks, the 4th!
2004-07-04 17:50:50 ET

Alright all you Michael Moore-loving, America-hating, faggot-fucking, Saddam-supporting, crack-smoking, tree-hugging, left-leaning communist pricks - it's the fuckin' 4th of July, so for once in your over-privileged lives, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND HAVE A BEER!!!

Um...is it just me, or are there some scary fucking people on this site? I mean, I love variety and uniqueness and all that shit, but yo, sometimes people kinda ooze over into the freaky zone. Like, I sometimes imagine spending, like, 1/2 an hour with some of these people and I seriously get the chills.

Whatever. It's all a state of mind...I guess.

What? Oh, now I'm an asshole. Damn it, you know I'm not trying to be mean. Just forget that I even said anything. Sorry for being honest.

But anyhoo, have an unsafe and dangerously intoxicated 4th of July! I hope to see many-an-illegal bottle-rocket tonight!!!

P.M.S: the above portion of this letter is meant to be sarcastic (albeit completly devoid of humor). But if you are offended, then please post all insults and criticisms here. THX!

RIP Marlon Brando
2004-07-03 21:07:31 ET


Oh my god, it's the fuckin' shiz! A big-ass kitchen, a big-ass living room, tons of storage space, and two bedrooms for each of us! And you know how much dis shit's costing us? $750 a month. Me and Josh used to pay $810 for a fucking studio apartment in Orange County (which, by-the-way, is known as ass-rape)

I'm a happy little fucker!

I better go before this muscle relaxin' drug takes effect. I love all of you and hope that you all can come to my apartment and sleep in my bedroom with me. FUCK, I'M GONNA HAVE MY OLD BED BACK!!! Yo homie, my fuckin' bed is huge!!! Finally, I can get it on in my own bed IN PRIVACY!!! Horray for privacy!

Hey, so yeah, now I'm gonna go. If you can, stop by Long Beach and come to my apartment, okay? I'll make you some tofu or something, aiight? We can do all sorts of shit LIKE GO TO A MUSEUM!!! WALK TO THE BEACH!!! SMOKE SOME POT!!! HAVE SOME SEX!!! WHATEVER IS FUCKIN' CLEVER, SISTAZ AND BROTHAZ!!!

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