Artwork!    2005-04-05 12:50:00 ET
As I was bored last night, I finally decided to draw something after months of not drawing a bloody thing, I am bad like that. And as an added bonus, I have decided to display my picture on SK for your viewing enjoyment. Feel free to comment, compliments and constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

 Adios California!    2005-04-04 22:22:25 ET
In case you did not get a look at Luciferette's overjoyed journal entry, I have come to a final decision on my future, and that decision is that I am going to move to Florida in the summer, after Anime Expo that is.
Yes, I know, this is quite a shift in sentiment when before I seem so determined to stay here in the So of Cal but I feel my oppurtunities are more varied there, living arrangements wise anyways, plus, I will be able to move in with someone I am very close to, get along with swimmingly, and someone I can trust fully financially.
Do not get me wrong, I adore all my friends here, you know who you are out there, but I believe this to be the right choice. Perhaps in the future I will return to California, since Luciferette does desire to move to the UK, but that will probably be at least a year from the time I move there, so it will be awhile.
But, that is several months from this time, so I plan just to enjoy my time remaining here with my fabulous friends and the lovely California weather and scene. Heh, just do not force me to spend money, as I will soon need to start saving up in anticipation of my move. I also plan to pursue a position at one of the local Marriotts that my dear friend Jeff works at, as they are offering full time employment, benefits, and $9.00 an hour to start off, with a possible promotion in six months which sounds like too good an oppurtunity to pass up.
At least now I feel as though my life is gaining some much needed direction, which is never a negative when it comes to me, I can be easily distracted at times....oh my lack of god, that dog has a poofy tail, here puffy, here puff! *Chasing after dog* ~_^

 Hair today, gone tomorrow???    2005-04-03 22:17:11 ET
Bleh, I am currently bored with my hair, it was bound to happen eventually, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with it. At the very least, I was debating cutting off a few inches, as my hair reaches to the mid point of my back, it has been this long or at least near this length for years. After that, I am open to the opinions of others, but make sure to make them sensible, you know, something I would actually consider doing, shaving my head entirely is not even a slight possibility! *Eyes some of her male friends warily* And try to keep in mind my particular look and style, some hair choices look better on some than they do on others. Please, let me know what you think fellow late night computer drones! ^_^

 New Layouts, Cosplays, and Weight issues, oh my!    2005-03-30 21:38:23 ET
I have a wonderfully fancy new layout on LJ, gasp, I dared to mention that sanctuary of the damned here! Many thanks to my bestest best friend luciferette for constructing this gorgeous new layout for me, it is as beautiful as I am, tell me how beautiful I am, heh. ~_^
Perhaps she will do the same for my SK, since I know how tired everyone is of seeing my cowboy hat wearing, vinyl coveting, psycho loving arse! I loves myself some bishounen psycho angel guys, as illustrated by my favorite anime/manga chara, Rosiel, and my main Dormant Deification chara, Mashith, sigh.
Speaking of Rosiel, I have decided that I will forgo clothes buying with my next paycheck and instead focus on purchasing my new Rosiel wig and the perfect white dress shirt that I found, plus a black tie, which I can just purchase from the Evil Subkulture Empire. I still need to buy some glossy vinyl fabric for my coat, I want to shop around various SoCal locations first before relenting and purchasing the needed materials online, they are so pricey, nearly $10 a yard, and we are talking about an entire coat here! I was curious to know if anyone on SK who lives in the SoCal area can perchance name off a few places that might carry the fabric I desire for a price that is not going to make Divine Decay go broke. * SD Divine Decay pulling out her pockets, looking forlorn*
I am currently pleased because I just won a lot of yaoi game magazines, yes, there are magazines that focus squarely on yaoi pc and videogames, the four magazines were only $20, what a deal! There had better be some Apocripha/0, Silver Chaos, and Fragrance Tale in there, cause if there's not...*Shakes fist in threatening manner* And on an odd note, I was told today by my mother that I actually need to gain weight, wtf?! If anything, I want to drop another 5-7lbs, to be truly pleased with myself, damn my insecurities! >_<;

 "Kids, I have some bad news about the Easter Bunny..."    2005-03-24 21:31:59 ET
*[ WARNING ]* Not for fans of Easter, cute bunnies, colored eggs, or those who lack in a sense of humor. When I saw this, I laughed out loud, yes, I know, it is awful....awfully entertaining! Many thanks to my MySpace buddy Mattlike for leaving it on my comments page.

Sigh, I know, I am a terrible, terrible person. *Hangs head down in mock shame.* ~_^

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