So much for    2005-03-16 00:44:54 ET
Yeah so, you ever have those times when it is really late at night/morning, you are completely bored and short of scouring through yaoi sites, there is nothing to do. Well, I just had one of those moments, having just awoken from a short nap, going online to check out my various sites and the like, I decided just out of curiosity I would Google my name. Lo and behold, not only did my name have over 300,000 matches, my name is the name of a Finnish thrash metal band, oh no, I kid you not, see for youself!
I think this could be a possible ten on the Unintentional Comedy Scale, this is so bad that it might force me to change my name, especially if some irritating, drunk metal head IM's me and asks if I liked Divine: Decay's last album, sigh, sometimes the best comments are left unsaid, I would be laughing too hard to answer. Though I would have to point out that I think they stole my name, since I think I have had it for at least as long as the band has been around but since no one knows who I am, they will most likely think that I named myself after the band, which disturbs me to no end. Well, now it answers the question as to why my name is taken on some sites/IMs, I just cannot compete with those Divine: Decay fans, all ten of them. Now I think everyone should Google their name, just to make sure they are not actually a Portugese Ska band or something.
Anyways, I apologize for my lack of consistent updating, once again. You know, I should just write that as a default to begin all my journal entries because I swear, I say it practically everytime I write in any of my journals, as if someone's life was made so unbearable by my lack of updating that I would need to apologize. I am probably fotunate if my entry gets a passing glance since they are usually too long winded to even bother reading, and only occasionally insightful though usually there is at least something in the midst of the entry that might make you laugh out loud, or at least chuckle. And if you cannot tell, I am in a rather odd mood right now, I get like that at times, which is great for you since it tends to be when I am at maximum humor level!
I have actually been working quite a bit lately, as amazing as that is, I cannot complain about work for once, oh no, there goes about 1/2 my usual entry! It is only due to the fact that we have about four associates working right now and three managers, I wish it would remain that way, I might actually be able to keep the job if I were getting 20+ hours a week, of course, that will only last so long. I am still poor though, already down to below $100 and I just got paid on Friday, I do not even know where all that money went! I did however, buy two new cds, Twitch and Filth Pig from Ministry, because they were on sell at Virgin Megastore, two for $15, you just cannot go wrong at that price. Plus, I finally got my special edition Suspiria 3 dvd set, I am so excited, I got to watch it a few nights ago, such a beautiful horror movie, lavish sets, gorgeous colors, an utterly nonsensical plot, but for once, I will say the plot does not matter with this movie, just watch the incredible imagery with wide eyed abandon, drinking in the garish visuals.
Sigh, if only I could write like Dario Argento directs movies, I would be famous, banned in several foreign countries but famous, and as they say, any press is good press. Heh, though if I ever release any written works, I still might be banned in several foreign countries, on my merit alone! Ah, one can dream right? Ever notice that whenever anything is banned, or called horrible, terrible, ungodly, deplorable, perverse beyond reason, people flock to see it, that says a great deal about human nature, I suppose it is the whole fascination with the perverse that human beings have, slowing down when driving by car accidents and similar actions. I have always found that terribly interesting, I just need to take out some time, put on some reflective sun glasses, sit in a park, and observe people, I will bet it would be more entertaining than any reality tv show they could come up with, life, uncut and uncensored, in all it's primitive glory.
*Yawn* As I am now growing wearier by the moment, I will cut this entry short, I do digress, in case this is the first time you have ever read an entry of mine, read another and you will understand, I tend to babble incessantly for long periods of time, see, I think I am interesting and all. Of course, wether or not I actually am is all a matter of opinion, it is all up to you, the reader, to tell me what you think. Alright, I will shut up now...ungrateful bastards. *Walks away, muttering*

 It's a trip!    2005-03-07 22:04:31 ET
Heh, so much for my "look for an entry detailing my trip later this week." statement, here it is a week later and I am finally getting to it. I have been so busy as of late, not that I am complaining, since most of that lack of free time is due to my actually having hours to work now. Despite that, I am still going job searching tomorrow, than bowling that evening, oh yes, myself bowling, it is as funny as it sounds, ah, if only I had a camara following me around 24 hours a day, Pam Cam! Ha, see, it's nifty because it rhymes, that makes it more creative in a way I do not wish to explain, too complicated. ;p
So, Florida was a joygasm, a terribly fun week all in all. I am one of those odd sorts who actually enjoy being in planes, though I was shocked to discover just now many people have an intense fear of heights, it is a rather common phobia I have come to learn. We only ended up attending MegaCon for one day, Sunday, which was not a big deal, I understood the circumstances behind it, and the day we did go was great fun, many people took our pictures, we did our DarkStalker group that day. For the uninformed, Darkstalkers is a video game put out by the company Capcom, the most well known character from the game is Morrigan, the beautiful succubus, which my bestest best friend Luciferette cosplayed wonderfully. I got to cosplay as BB Hood, or Bulleta, which is pretty much a psychotic Darkstalker hunter who dresses as Little Red Riding Hood, but carries a machine gun, apple bombs, and an exploding wine bottle in her basket, a different kind of goodies if you will. And, as promised, here are a few pictures taken at MegaCon, and yes, that is really me! When I saw this life sized figure, I knew I had to take my picture with it, being the insane Hellraiser fan I am though now upon seeing it, I wish I would have been reaching out to take the Lament Configuration away. *Snatches it, running off* Ha, I could not help myself, when I saw this guy dressed as a Nazi, I could not resist having my picture taken with him! This rates as a 10 on the Unintentional Comedy scale I think!
I cannot wait till the next con, there is the Pacific Anime Expo in May, I believe I might go one or two days, doing my Myoubi cosplay and my Rosiel Lord of Heaven cosplay if it is finished, if not, than I can do my other Rosiel cosplay, no big deal. Ha ha, you love my anime geekiness!
It is good to be back though, I do enjoy California despite all it's many faults, it is still superior to most other places I could be living currently. Except now the after trip financial doldrums are here, and I seriously have about $10 in my bank account, sigh, at least I get paid on Friday, yea, money! I will probably end up posting the rest of the auctions I have, for some extra cash, maybe so I can start buying the pricey glossy vinyl material my Rosiel coat will require. As it is, I have a busy week planned, with aforementioned job seeking and bowling antics, than work and Mashcine on Wednesday, than Joy Electric with Turbo and Predator on Thursday, than work all weekend, huzzah! *Falls over* Ah well, I can rest when I am dead! ~_^
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 The evil returns...    2005-03-01 16:12:15 ET
I'm baaaacccckkkk!
Come and shower me with your love!
Come on, where's the love?
Do it! *Shakes fist*
Ha, it is great to be back in Southern California, I must say. Look for an entry detailing my trip later this week! ~_^

 Adios!    2005-02-19 22:24:23 ET
Argh, I am so very tired! I have not gotten much sleep in the last few days, plus, my left ear is bothering me, as if there is some sort of pressure that cannot seem to be relieved, it is so very distracting! I thought I would type out a quick entry, before I leave to go to Florida where it will probably be another week+ before I take out the time to write a new entry, but when I do, I should have some awesome con pictures to show you, you know you want to see me dressed in my adorable cosplays! The last week or so has been rather physically and mentally exhausting, for various reasons that I do not wish to go into detail about as of now, all my close friends know of what I speak of, and that is all that is really important. At least I am working more as of now, mostly due to the fact that two associates have quit in the last two weeks, plus an assistant manager, of who I was quite fond of, well, Tuesday is her last day, I will not even be there to bid her farewell, though she did threaten to *gasp* hug me on Monday before I leave, I asked her if I ran, would she chase me, heh, she said she would tackle me, and I believe her! When she leaves, I will be the longest tenured employee at our store, I cannot decide wether to be proud or ashamed of that fact, probably a little of column A, a little of column B. Of course, I will not be there much longer either unless by some miracle I am promoted in the next month, I am certainly not going to be holding my breath for that, even though I know I deserve a promotion after slaving at that subkulture K-Mart for a year and six months, yes, that long! o_0; Speaking of which, I did get another raise, a whole $.20, why, at this rate, I can retire in about 70 years! Huzzah!
Feh, at least my auctions have been going rather smoothly, except I am still awaiting payment for two items, won by the same person, who is not communicating with me in any way, so tomorrow, for the first time, I get to send a threatening email, yea, I have always wanted to do that, why, I might even get to leave my first negative feedback, oh yeah! Heh, I cannot decide if that sounds twisted or not, I will let you be the judge. Honestly though, I would rather have the money, I could really use it right now, as I am barely going to make it and unfortunately, it is one of those times on Ebay where there are many items that I desire, that always happens when I do not have the money to afford them. *Mutters*
Ah well, it will be nice to have a short respite from everything, I can forget all my troubles for a week and hang out with my bestest friend in the entire world. And when I get back, than I can start worrying again, oh goody, I cannot wait. And for those of you in the area, I will be at Chamber tonight, so if you can come, than do it, do it! *Shakes fist*

 Joy!    2005-02-11 21:55:50 ET
A rather short entry, this. I have come to the decision that I shall not be moving when my family does in the summer, yep, no Missouri for me. I just believe, and rightly so, that I will be miserable and bored there. Than I will, after being driven mad from boredom, become America's most infamous female serial killer. And who says I do not have high aspirations for myself?
After I return from Florida, I am going to seek out a full time job that will most likely bite, but I can deal with it, as long as it pays decently and there is oppurtunity to advance. In the next few months, I will be busy, trying to save up money, going to driving school, and finally getting a car, a car, joy! Of course, ahem, I will need someone who wants a roommate who is a neat freak but at the same time, is highly dependable, responsible, and best of all, completely and utterly sarcastic. And where I will not have to pay a terribly high price for rent, I do need some money to spend on myself. I have never been out on my own, I am excited and apprehensive, I know the difficulties but I believe I am ready to take them on. Well, this is the extent of my entry, there is nothing more to say, fin! ~_^

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