Dye my darling!    2004-11-18 23:12:35 ET
Divine Decay is spooky.
Someone who thinks decay is divine is creepy.
Heh, glad we cleared that up, there is a line there, between Divine Decay and necrophiliacs. You know, I have no idea where any of this came from, I just think people misuse both terms constantly. Just thought I would mention it, since it had been bugging me a bit lately.
As my title says, I am in desperate need for my hair to be redyed, getting it professionally done has now been deemed too expensive by Divine Decay and she is no longer allowed to dye her hair at home, there was some, err, unpleasantness and now I can never dye my hair at home again. I was also debating doing something off the wall with my hair as I am now bored with the usual style of it, I was thinking something along the lines of getting dread extensions which would be quite a step for me, as I have always been very careful with my hair, it is so damaged now, I doubt it matters anymore. ::Pulls out a strand from her ponytail, sighs.:: I want to know the opinions of some of my lovely friends, your opinion matter to me, to a certain extent, how do you think I would look with extensions, answer me now! ::Shakes fist in threatening manner.::
KMFDM was spifftastic, as usual, no Raymond Watts though, not that I expected him there, he has his own side projects to worry about, but even without him, KMFDM is still awesome. I came to the realization that I do not know many people though, I recognize people from clubs and other social events but I never talk to them, try to get to know them, I am not altogether sure why, I wish it were as simple as my just being antisocial....which it probably is. I have a small, exclusive group of friends, I believe I prefer it that way, though I am not opposed to meeting new people, feh, I do not know what I want, blast!
I am finally going back to work tomorrow after being off for four days, I will not get that much time off again for at least a month, the holiday season is coming up, just a heads up to those of you who have been living in a cave all your life and are just emerging into civilzation...that cave is going to start looking pretty good after awhile here! Working retail during the holidays makes one want to literally go postal at times, because people are at their absolute rudest and most unpleasant during the holidays, no doubt about it, the hoildays just bring out the worst in people. Plus, the suicide rate is extremely high with the various stresses of this season, so much for the happiest time of the year eh? Heh, alright, I am through poking fun at the holidays, oh, and another thing I found amusing, we are not allowed to say anything that might offend anyone at the H Tizzle, like "Merry Christmas" or anything else with any religious conentations, wouldn't want to offend those already easily offended, jaded youth that comes into our store but really now, what kind of pitiful jerk do you have to be to get uppity over someone wishing you a Merry Christmas, I am an atheist and even I think that is silly. Speaking of which, this is my favorite online test ever, all must take it!

I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

Ha, it's funny cause it's true. ~_^

 KMFDM anyone?    2004-11-15 00:44:12 ET
I just thought I would write a quick entry since I have not for a bit. I went to Chamber tonight, and let me just say, wow, the club scene has certainly gone downhill music wise, well, at least at this particular club. They play nothing but EBM and crappy EBM at that, the whole three and a half so hours I was there, I only danced to one song, Terrorfakt's Street Justice and that is because I recently bought the cd, at Hot Topic of all places, noize at Hot Topic...are you scared too? Of course, part of that was because I am so overly concerned about harming my toe further that any sort of activity that takes a lot of effort is taboo for me for the time being. I wore my new goggles tonight, ouch, I am not used to wearing them, they are not particularly comfortable, I get plenty of compliments on them though, they are neat, metal with biohazard symbols on the lenses! Oh, how I long to return to the greener pastures of Das Bunker! I had much more fun simply sitting and talking with friends Duncan, Shia, and Jesse, plus a few others whose names I regretfully do not remember right now, going on not too much sleep right now! Duncan and I, who are both employeed by Hot Topic now, met a very cool gent from Hot Topic HQ who invited us to come take a tour of their most awesome facilities, as his guests, we were both rather excited at the prospect, I have heard so much about HQ, I am sure I would enjoy the chance to see the inner working of this company.
Other than that, I posted a bunch of auctions on Ebay for I am in need of money and closet space, again, sigh, I really need to seek some help for my shopping addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem and I have a problem, heh, that I honestly do not want to solve. I get paid this Friday, hopefully in time so that I can buy a new top for the Skinny Puppy show on the 28th of this month, alas, I bought a new skirt for the show, a spiffy Illig one from our website, but it was too big, now I have to get the size exchanged, argh, damn me and my weight loss, nothing fits right anymore!
On Friday, I went with my friend Jeff and the mother and sister units to the Block to see Seed of Chucky. My opinion of the movie was mixed, I found it very amusing, but the whole premise of the movie was rather silly, I could not seem to get over that fact plus, there was nothing remotely scary or even creepy about the movie. I was slightly disappointed though I do not know what I was expecting, probably exactly what I got. I can never get over my notion that every movie I see has to be something high minded, Divine Decay needs to learn it is okay to shut off her brain and watch something stupid and fun! I went to our new store at the Block and bought the aforementioned Terrorfakt cd and this gorgeous model done by Todd Macfarlane of H.R. Giger's famous LI II, it is now adorning my dresser.
Tonight should be fabulous, it is the KMFDM show, even though Raymond Watts will not be there, they always put on a great show, I am sure tonight will be no exception, I hope I will see some of you there! Goodnight all.

 Feh and other related expressions    2004-11-09 00:45:29 ET
Blah, what an awful couple of days. But before I begin, I want to wish my best friend Luci a speedy recovery from being ill, poor dear, the virus, my most terrible foe! I hope the Lenore shirt I bought for you in my last Hottopic.com order and the other assorted goodies I throw in will make you feel better! Well, on Sunday, for starters, I had made plans the night before to go to a few clubs on Sunday night, it was an ideal situation, I worked opening that day at work and I had the next day off. But did it happen, no, of course not, my friend did not even call me up, telling me what was up, needless to say, I was quite annoyed with him, not quite so much now, but I was than certainly! I have not been to a club in nearly two months and I have been feeling rather restless lately, especially with my toe healing nicely as it is, I can finally wear boots again!
And than today, I had plans to go and finally see Saw but those plans too, feel through because another dear friend of mine also had troubles, mind you, not all were his fault but still, calling me at noon and than not again till four in the afternoon will get me a bit tiffed, plus, we had no ride and thusly, he expected me to walk, which I had no intention on doing so when he finally made his way, oh, around six, I kindly sent him away. Later, I felt a bit guilty about dispatching him in such a cold, contrite manner, but I was really irritated at the time with his lack of keeping me updated on the situation. Once again, as usual, my anger is a raging storm that quickly is spent, so, I am not quite so pissed as I was earlier. And another thing, for some reason, I am having trouble drawing all of a sudden, I am trying hard to get a 5000 hits drawing done for our site but now, I feeling utterly uninspired. Also, I am trying to do the picture in the style of the mangaka who does Alichino who's name escapes me right now, sigh, and her style is ridiculously hard to do, but when I get my mind set on something, come Hell or high water, I shall prevail!
But please, do not feel completely awful for me, my last few days have not been truly horrible, I won a rare Lip Service skirt, the black and burgandy gas mask skirt from the Clear Age line, an extremely difficult piece to find but a medium so I am not sure it will fit! I also bought a new Illig skirt from our Hot Topic online store, but alas, for some reason, they did not have the Lip Service Straight Jacket I wanted or the H.R. Giger model either, argh!! I suppose all of us have days like these, if I were a more optimistic soul, I would say that things can only get better, I tend to think on the pessimistic angle of things, as in things can and probably will get worse before they get better. Heh, at least they will eventually get better though right...right....damn, someone throw me a freaking bone here! Ha, alright, enough, I hope my trials have at least made some of you feel better about your own luck. I also added several new pictures, one of me in a cowboy hat, all for you Lars doll! ^_^

 Helloween    2004-11-02 13:33:48 ET
For those of you who saw the title of my entry and were hoping to hear me talk about the progressive metal band by the same name, sorry to let you down. I am speaking of my terrible weekend, which of course began with the removal of my ingrown toenail which completely ruined anything fun I could have done this weekend. Friday was rather uneventful, I was invited to attend the Bondage Ball in Hollywood be several friends which I had to decline because my foot was too sore, which was quite upsetting because I had never went and really wanted to go before I moved to MO, but, alas, that did not happen. On Saturday, I worked closing, I could not wear any of the cool outfits I had in mind because they all involved wearing boots which I cannot at this time, so I just threw together a Gothic Lolita inspired outfit with my Stitch in Time minidress, we were very busy with last minute Halloween shoppers, which I rightfully looked down upon, who in their right mind would late till the night before Halloween to get their bloody costume, I mean, honestly!
That night, after work, I went home and relaxed, chosing to watch Indie Screams: Italiano on IFC, where they were showing various films by the Master of Itailan Horror, Dario Argento, including his masterpiece and one of my favorite horror movies, Suspiria, which not nearly enough people have seen. Unfortunately, they showed one of the edited versions of the gorgeous film, which did not completely cut the violent scenes but instead, sheared off parts of the scenes that were the most brutal, such as in the opening 15-20 minutes of the film, which, btw, have never been rivaled in any horror movie since, where the first girl is murdered in one of the most horrid death scenes ever, imagine watching a lovely girl being stabbed repeatedly with a knife, than watching the knife being stabbed into her still beating heart, than her being electrocuted and the wire wrapped around her neck so that when she falls through the stain glass windown, she is hung. Best part is at the end of the scene when they pan down and another girl has been impaled by the falling pieces of the glass, one lodged right through the middle of her face. Despite the brutality, the entire scene is art directed within an inch of it's life and is just so beautiful and creative, that is why I love Italian horror! And they edited it, I was so upset, I was bitching about it the remainder of the night, as silly as that sounds, I think I was just altogether annoyed with the weekend.
Sunday was the absolute worst, I did nothing all day, except watch horror movies, I was contacted by several friends, trying, in vain, to get me to go out with them, but I simply could not chance screwing up my foot and causing permanant damage for one night of frolicing! So, I spent my night watching the Masters of Horror, which was hosted by Bruce Campbell, which was terribly entertaining, and feeling bitter since everyone else I knew was having fun and I was doing what I always seem to do on Halloween, brood in my room. I am only hoping that this month will prove to be better for me, I have several shows planned and the like, so, I do have some expectations. Well, I shall leave it at this, I hope the rest of you had enjoyabe Halloweens! ^_^
Current Music: The Soundtrack to Suspiria

 Ow.    2004-10-28 22:55:18 ET
Yesterday was eventful. First off, I had my appointment with the podiatrist early in the morning, 10:30 am, I did not know what to expect honestly. You see, Divine Decay has a shining thing going with the medical profession, I do not trust them, I do not like the feeling of my health, perhaps even my life, being in the hands of a person who does not know me and most likely, only cares at all about me because I am the person that helps to buy that new porsche they desire. So, I wait for a bit, fill out some paperwork, the standard fare at the doctor's office and than am called into the doctor's room of horrors, heh, at least my mother was with me, damned if I was going to go alone! So, I sat there for about ten minutes are so, reading the various illustrated charts, detailing all the possible things that could be wrong with my poor right big toe when the doctor comes in, a very sweet, kindly looking Asian lady. Ah, a woman I think, maybe this will not be so bad. Boy, how could I be so wrong? She was very nice though, and explained to me what I already knew, that I had an ingrown toenail and that it was infected, the only thing to do was to get rid of the offending part of the nail, the procedure which would take less than five minutes and alas, would be a bit painful. She sprayed this mysterious liquid on my foot which made it very icy cold, not numb mind you, which would have been preferable, took these rather sharp looking scissor type thing and cut into my poor nail, which led to roughly ten seconds of the worst, most excrutiating pain of my entire life, I cringed and bared it though, having a high threshold for pain such as I do. Heh, afterwards, while wrapping my toe, she said that many people scream or curse during the same procedure, I was good, I did neither, that I admit, I certainly wanted to, my pride would never let me though. I could not even get my shoe on over the bandages so we had to call a cab to take us home. Most of the day has been spent napping and coping will the dull, throbbing pain in my toe, I also have to take care of my toe, cleaning it and the like, plus, I have to wear open toed shoes for a bit, until it heals mostly, which will be fun, what with the cold weather and all.-> ::Cold Divine Decay, shivers!:: So, this thusly ruins any and all plans I had for this Halloween weekend, so, for those of you who are actually going to enjoy yourselves, a plague, a plague on all your houses!!
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