blah....    2004-10-16 06:46:08 ET
Yesterday the invited orchestras arrived, Iím hosting two guys, one of them is the concertino, heís very damn good, I definitely shouldnít be taking the concertino place, he should, but well, letís see how the rest of the weekend goes. Yesterday was also de recital, and I got more nervous than the past one, damn, I felt like dying in stage, I wanted to jump from a bridge or something.

Well, Other than that, todayís Oct 16, my birthday , but itís barely 10 am, weíll see how the day goes on and will write about it maybe at night or tomorrow night.

 1. Music... 2. Computers....    2004-10-13 19:44:51 ET
Well, first about the orchestra. This coming weekend weíll have some concerts having another orchestra as guests, like we often do, another orchestra from another city comes and gathers with us to play altogether, and from our part Iíll be the Concertino (the principal of the first violins), so I donít know how are we going arrange with the other invited people, obviously Iíll be sharing my sit with the concertino of the other orchestra, but I donít know whoíll get to be the concertino of the whole gathered-orchestra; will it be me or him? Honestly I wouldnít mind if he gets to be the concertino, I donít feel myself quite prepared for such being the principal violin. Whatever,... so much words for such and little thing.

Second; my birthday is this Saturday October 16th, and my mother decided to give a new computer for myself, because actually we all were sharing only one computer in the house, so she gave me a computer as an advanced birthday present, and I appreciated her for that a lot. Well, then, now I have my computer, but 2 problems were still found;
The new computer has WinXP, and I donít like it, it wastes a lot of memory in graphics and images, and I donít find it fast. I know Iím not really to aware of computers, and I know that many people manage themselves to use properly the WinXP for a good work, but in my very own experience Iíve had a lot of bugs, troubleshooting and errors while using WinXP, Iíve been quite still satisfied using WinME or even Win98.
The second problem, was the Internet. As I had been saying lately, the internet was fatally slow, I we decided to go with the other company of internet provider. On Monday I went to contract it, they give me the Kit (modem, wires, cd, etc) and apparently we will be having the internet in 4 days. I took less (3 days), and today I decided to install it on my new computer, and yet as apparently when it seemed to be working fine, when trying to connect to msn, had some error messages, then the screen froze and some other bugs and error messages occurred. I immediately knew it had to be with some of the XP thingy..., I tried to uninstall the modem software and such, but more and more errors, tried to install it again and do more stuff and it just got on my nerves. Some whiles there was internet, some other whiles there was no response; so I decided to install the kit in the other computer, here in the one with WinME, and it seems to be very well installed and with no problems of functioning; the internet is finally at a very decent speed, I finally can browse normally through internet. So Iíve come again to the conclusion the I do not like the XP thing. Iíll try to talk to the computer salesman to see if he can uninstall the XP and install the ME on the new computer.

Well, I still wanted to write more about more stuff, but I guess Iím sort of tired now (and a bit pissed about the computers problems); Maybe tomorrow or after, Iíll keep writing about other issues.

 I want to close my eyes.    2004-10-10 20:17:08 ET
Because of some other people havenít shown up at all the rehearsals, it seems like itís going to be my time now to be the concertino. Damn I donít consider myself to be a good violinist to have that responsibility but, well, Iíll try to do my best. Oh, and apparently weíre going to repeat the recital, and play the solos again next Friday, damn, I still get nervous in front of the public. Blah, whatever.

I think Iím going to get the other internet server company tomorrow, because this one just really suck itís huge slowness, it gets really slow at times that itís hard checking the email.

 altern corrent    2004-10-02 21:21:48 ET
Damn, again I lasted about a week without updating here, but it isnít entirely my fault, the fucking internet server gets really slow, and I mean way too slow at times... (transferring 600 bytes/seg), itís really annoying, it takes ages to load the page just for checking the email. Iím definitely changing for the other internet company hopefully within this weekend.

In other news, the recital I wrote about the last entry was so... mmh, I donít know how to say it, I my opinion, for myself, I did not play like I expected, I got really nervous and slipped some notes really bad, maybe not too obvious for the few audience but for me it was fatal. I guess non of us were accustomed to play a solo, so it wasnít easy to play in front of people alone. Blah, whatever, bullshit happens everyday in someway. At least for todayís rehearsal I was said to sit place as concertino. I also felt nervous, maybe itís just a temporary sit, who knows.

On school, well, a good news was I went really well in one test, but flunked in another... so Iím still kind of worry about some other tests, but more that tests, sometimes itís about some teachers, bitchasses I hate, make things hard.

 Solo.    2004-09-25 21:43:20 ET
Iím back; now the reason for not being lately here, wasnít because I was busy or something, but because the my internet provider had troubles and they had to shout it down for almost a week. Now itís back but still with some troubles the speed is very low, damn them.
Iím not sure was it that I wanted to write here time ago, I always forget things. Well other that the constant depressions, Iím not sure what is there to rant about.
Oh, I remembered. The director told us about a month ago that weíre going to play a solo, we chose the piece, but it has to be played by memory, and I have such a bad memory, but after almost 4 weeks, I finally learned my solo of memory, now my major problem, is my fear of playing it solo, even though there isnít going to be much audience, I get nervous by just knowing that people is hearing me playing solo. When my playing with the orchestra I donít mind, but when it comes to a solo, I get really nervous. Iíve always been a really shy guy (clearly demonstrated here in with all my journal entries), so knowing my bad luck Iíll probably get too nervous and play bad. Yet, Iím not playing it completely alone, that is, Iím accompanied by the piano, but the main melody Iíll do it in violin. Iíll be playing the 7th movement of Bachís Suite in B minor, the Badinerie, itís originally for flute, but Iíll play it in violin. The day will be this Thursday Sept. 30. Wish me luck to not make an ass of myself.

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