stare it    2004-05-23 20:29:13 ET
Iíve been having many works on school, and keeping me busy and tired so I havenít updated here very often.
And again, I must say I am such a terrible timid shy guy when meeting a girl, I canít do anything but staring. Iím going straight to a frozen hell.
I must say that I really enjoy being in a dark place, thatís one of the true feelings I feel since I was a kid; feeling more shelter in a quite calm dark place.
I wish I had more time or dedication-time do drawings like I used to before, now Iím all into music, but I still like drawing.

 Mind within fog.    2004-05-07 22:07:28 ET
Itís FridaÖ no, itís 1:30 am so itís already Saturday, well... itís becoming sort of a tradition that on Fridays I go out with some friends to a bar a get drunk. At first it used to be like every 2 or 3 Fridays, but now itís been 3 Fridays in a row that coming out of school we go to a bar to drink and play domino or pool. But mostly drink beer. We neither drink to come out dead-drunk, just stupidly-dizzy-drunk. So far I had only drunk 4 beers, and now I drank 5, heh Iím not exactly sure if I like doing this... getting drunk; in part I do it because in deed I wanted to find Ďsomethingí else to get distracted all of my sorrows and constant depression and stuff... but Iíve realized that every time I get drunk in these Fridays, in my way home I get even much more depressed, it make me feel like shit. Ödrinking at 1 pm, how more fucked up and pathetic can I be.

Iíve downloaded new albums; King Diamond Ė Abigail, Rhapsody Ė Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Samael Ė Exodus, Switchblade Symphony Ė Bread and Jam for Frances, and several tracks of Siouxsie and the 69 eyes... that is some black metal and some goth rock, as well as some classical, anyone should definitely check out Holst Ė St Paul suite, the first and last movements are my favorites).
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 Somewhen between yesterday and tomorrow.    2004-05-03 20:34:20 ET
I havenít been posting very often again. I remember the first days when I first entered this site I did have time to post somehow more often than now... itís been almost 2 years now. Well, Iíll try to keep posting on my shitty life just contribute my little piece of dirt in the world.

Itís late, but itís ok because I donít have classes tomorrow and the day after because thereís going to be a thing with the professors and teachers stuff. And talking about school, I sum up saying that in this aspect of my life I am doing really bad, ass shitty bad, I have flunked several subjects and decaying in many others. Iím starting to worry wondering if Iíll effectively complete my career; Iím barely in 3rd semester, there are 9, and Iím already decaying. I guess itís mainly because the lack of interest lately... when I chose this career I wanted it because I just needed anything where I could learn and use more mathematics, but, now that I see it not many professors teach much math the way I liked it... again my woe that Iíve never been or acted like a nerd or geek, but I damn like pure math.

And speaking of knowledge, my passion for music is also becoming stronger, such that I starting to think seriously if whenever I finish my career (if I finish it), after that Iíll try to study a career in music, perhaps in composition, but if so, I need to start learning to play piano, because I canít think of much harmony and chords with the violin as I could with a piano. Well... Iíll see about that later. Also Iíd like to restart to have a schedule for taking a bit of time a day or week to sit down and draw as I used to draw before, or maybe make a new habit of reading books, I donít remember when was the last time I finished a book.

 Moon wrath    2004-04-21 19:43:42 ET
Finally, Iím back, I was one week out because I traveled to another city that has a beach, to join their orchestra and many other orchestras, to form a big orchestra of about 150 people. I was awesome, yet it got me very tired, a lot of rehearsal, 2 concerts, a lot of people around... a lot of stuff going on there. Somehow a great experience.

I was going to write a lot of it, but, lately (from monday to today) things have been too fucked up, and Iím not feeling very likely to write much tight now, si Iíll leave it for another day.

 Lick a knife.    2004-04-04 19:38:16 ET
Well, finally 2 weeks without school, I was planning to spend one week trying to draw something again, just to not leave my passion for drawing and keep practicing, but Iím not sure if Iím going to have much time because of many rehearsals, damn.
The second week Iíll be out of the city, will travel to another state because we were invited to play there, and Iím going; I know itís going to be tiring but Iím interested in playing in different places.
Sometimes I feel like licking the moon.

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