2005-10-13 13:03:06 ET

Damn the system for not teaching me spanish WHILE I was learning english. How much easier would that be? I hate racist conservatives who insist that bilingual education is nothing more than financial support for unappreciative children born from illegal immigrants who tear our system asunder from the inside out. What harm can bilingual education do aside from heightening our cultural awareness and increasing both empathy and repect? Conservatives can suck the fatest mexican cock God has ever had the desire to muster and drown in it's ooey-gooey Horchata-laced jiznay.

I can blame the system (and feel right by doing so), but that won't change the fact that spanish is very challenging for me. What I need is a beautiful spanish-speaking latin female to teach me the language. I'm going for the effect of, say Seaseme Street, and how it is appealing and effective to kids because it melds aesthetically-pleasing color, sound and forms to new concepts and ideas. I think it's a brilliant idea, but time won't wait, and I must go it alone for the tambien, or uh time-being, if you will.

Bye bye!

(p.m.s: PROP 73 is complete bullshit - anyone who supports that shit needs to be aborted - GET IT???? =)

'Cause me so happy!
2005-08-18 14:57:33 ET

Hello to anyone who still lives here. Jesus, did the goths and rivetheads pull some gentrification-type shit on this site? Emminent domain shit? Hmmm...whatevs!!! God, I can't believe I'm adapting that abbreviated version of the classic "whatever." That abbreviation isn't even trendy. Can somebody say WTF? Ewwww...now I just said "can somebody say..." Maybe now's not the best time to post after such hiatus. Fuck it.

I'm in school again and it feels great! I hate not being in school. Over break, I drank A LOT, ate VERY LITTLE, and wimpered like a little beyatch. Waste of a couple of months, but I'm putting that era of this year behind me. I don't wanna have some bullshit "'what's up with you?''Oh, nothing much'" type of lifestyle, know what I mean? I'm not saying I want to always have something BOMB to tell people about my life or anything. I just wanna do my thang with some type of satisfaction and happiness. I wanna try to get to my next birthday with the solace that year 26 was cool.

Oh yeah, I'm 26 now. Yes, yes.

God-damn what wonders cigerettes and coffee does for the breath! I have a spanish class! I LOVE IT! It's fascinating!. I'm thinking that it just may become a passion. I'm also taking macro economics and a class entitled Comparative World Cultures, which is also fascinating. The teacher of that class should receive some bad-ass reward like the Nobel or an Oscar or some shit. Why? 'Cause the muthafucka did it like this: instead of forcing us to buy a new copy of the book that he wrote (and spend more money that none of us have), he photocopied the pages/chapters that we need, put it in a pamphlet, and sells it for 6 bucks. Have youever heard of such benevolence? Fuck.

Whatever. I have to go. I'll be back though, 'cause these goth/rivet/wtf ain't taking my shit, no matter how much the Supreme Court approves, ya heard me?
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Cops...what a bunch of CUNTS!
2005-05-10 14:58:33 ET

Cops are so fucking lame. "Gee, why would you say something so obtuse, unreasonable and out of line Daniel?" Well, let me tell you...

Yesterday, I was riding Josh's bike down 7th, here in the wonderful city of Long Beach, around 11:00am. Luckily, I left my methamphetemines at home, 'cause, sure enough, the cops apprehended me!

Spread eagle, with my hands behind my back, the cop searched all of my belongings as he tightly clenched my interwoven fingers and bent me backwards (luckily I have a solid six-pack, otherwise my abs would've given out!). In broad daylight, I wondered, as any rational, non-illegal-narcotics-bearing human would, "WHY THE FUCK AM I BEING APPREHENDED?"

The answer: I was riding my bike on the sidewalk in the opposite direction of traffic. DAMN! I NEVER THOUGHT THEY'D CATCH ME!

I, not knowing (or giving a fuck) that riding your bike on the sidewalk in the day time was such an offensive illegal activity, was pissed off, as did show by my "attitude-problem" and "arrogance." The cop assured me that he could give me a ticket well in excess of $1,000! You may be inclined to ask how he could've possibly contrived such an expensive ticket. Well, I was clearly in violation of many things, including, but limited to, not having my bike licensed, as well as NOT HAVING A FUCKING BELL ON MY BIKE! Perhaps the cop thought I was a 7-year-old girl.

Eventually, he let me go, but not before telling me that cops in the area often pull people over who ride bikes. He said they like to search people at random to see if they have meth or pot. And then he was kind enough to lend me some wisdom: He advised that, if I do have some pot, to get home quickly! And if I want to smoke some pot, to make sure that I do it in my home, and not on the street.

THANKS COP! Sound advice!

How many car stereos do you think got stolen within that dreadful 20 minutes? How many women enjoyed knuckle-sandwiches from their abusive spouses? How many drug transactions went down on the streets? And they're worried about a honky riding a busted-ass mountain bike on the sidewalk? Um, this is LONG BEACH, not fucking LAGUNA BEACH!!!

Cops are so full of shit. Anyone who disagrees with me is also full of shit.

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