You know, stuff.    2005-07-17 08:47:29 ET
I have had the entire weekend off and you know what I have done, absolutely nothing! It feels odd, not having something to do every day, having someone call me up to go out or what not, but in time, I am sure I will meet some new people, because as we all know, I am a total people person, like a moth to a flame it is!
Last weekend was enjoyable, I went with Lucifer and Lux, we got to see Combichrist when they stopped here in the midst of their tour. They were marvelous by the way, of course, I have seen them before but in this context, it was far superior. I however regrettably missed the entire mess that took place with Karloz of Manufactura, we decided that we were feeling a tad too tired for the Castle, the local goth/industrial club where the after party was being held, we had already been there the night before. Sigh, I always miss the fun stuff, drunken industrial musicians being pummeled by goth club bouncers who are old school punks and psychobilly guys, yeah, those are definitely guys you do not want to mess with. Next time though, I will be there and I shall report on it!
Other than that, I am in the midst of a massive bleaching of my bangs, as of now, they look interesting, flamey, in time though, I hope they will be ridiculously white, like the rest of me, ha ha. When my bangs are to my specifications, I shall post some pictures for you to enjoy, so you can ask what were you thinking, why did you do this, and so forth.
I saw two movies this week, we finally got to see War of the Worlds, which was fanstastic by the way, for any of you who have not had the oppurtunity to see the film yet, I found the film to be far more frightening than Land of the Dead which I found myself disappointed in after all the build-up. Than on Friday night, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in a word, magnificant, this film was everything I had hoped and more, I recommend everyone drop what they are doing and go now to see it! It was nice to see a more light hearted movie since I noticed that I only watch with darker themes to them, not to say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not dark, it is, but you can expect no less from the mind of Tim Burton. It was also terribly funny, which is always a positive, especially with my melancholy mood as of late. I now have high hopes for The Devil's Rejects that comes out next week, it had better be good or else... *Shakes fist*
And for all of those who are attending the LA Industrial Music Festival, you suck and I hate you, so there. *Sticks out tongue* Heh, just kidding, enjoy yourselves and remember to drink plenty of liquids, ahem. ~_^

 Ugh...    2005-07-07 19:53:04 ET
It is my 23rd birthday officially now, let us commence with making light of my advanced age! Send me borthday wishes, please... *Big Eyes*

 Yea Florida!    2005-07-06 10:07:05 ET
Well, not so much. The plane ride here was rather uneventful, I thought as much anyways, they always are, and it was actually rather fast, which was nice, though I enjoy flying, I do not like to be stationary for extended periods of time. At least when I arrived here, it was early morning, so it was only about 70 degrees! Feh, I can already tell I am not ever going to get used to the weather here, no matter how long I end up living here, it is just not going to happen. Much of my first day here was spent sleeping and being melancholy over leaving all my family in friends in Cali, I miss you all already, do not worry, I am still thinking about you, I shall forget no one, as long as you do not forget me, better not forget me, or else... *Shakes fist*
At least I have plans for the week to keep me from dwelling on my misery for the time being, today I am getting my hair redyed and my bangs are going to be bleached out completely white, hopefully, it'll look neat, I shall take some pictures to display later. Tomorrow we are going out to dinner and to see War of the Worlds which I hope will be worth the wait. Than Friday, oh Friday, the big day. *Rolls eyes* That will be my 23rd b-day, huzzah, and yes, that was the most listless huzzah in the history of time, I am going to be old I tells you, old! We have plans to be a spot of shopping which always makes me feel better, than out to enjoy an evening at one of the local goth type clubs, how quaint!
I shall try to post more often, as I am not around to give verbal rundowns of the goings on in my life, ta for now my dears!

 That is just not right!    2005-06-21 21:51:11 ET
A very interesting incident took place on Monday. I was at work, minding my own business, giving the Hot Topic experience, well, not so much, but still, I was behaving myself when in comes this middle aged lady who goes up to me, requesting to speak with me. Now, I do not even recognize this woman but I agree nonetheless. She pulls me aside but not out of earshot of my store manager and proceeds to practically accuse me of hitting her daughter. Now, her daughter works with me, she shalt remain nameless for the time being, we have worked together for over a year and in that time, I believed we had developed something resembling an understanding, if not a pleasant association. But according to her crazy mother, the girl in question said that we had had an altercation before work on Sunday where I had struck her, leaving her with a busted lip, or some such nonsense. Wow, where to start with what is wrong with this...
1.) The situation is not even possible to begin with as I came into work at 12:00pm and she came in at 3:00pm.
2.) I would not touch her...I do not want to touch her...I do not like to touch people nor do I like people to touch me, it is a Pam thing, anyone who knows me knows this.
3.) If we got into an altercation, I would not need to raise a finger, I could have just ripped her apart emotionally, which is my preferred method of battle, verbal jousting. Plus, if we had gotten into a physical fight, a busted lip would have been the least of her worries.
At least my manager interjected in this manner, saying all the things that I mentioned here, save the last bit about my hideously violent nature when I am angry, which just would not have been a wise idea. After the insane woman left, we hypothesized that it was the girl's punk ass boyfriend who probably struck her and she just decided to escape her parent's wrath that she would just blame it on the scary godless gothic chick she works with since her family is devoutly Christian. I was understandibly upset after this, but since than, I have ceased to care, I am gone in little over a week, besides, she is probably going to disciplined over this anyways, so she will have to contend with that. As it is, I am just disgusted in general, it seems whenever I attempt to give someone a chance, it blows up in my face, the lesson here is to never trust someone hailing from any major religion who is truly serious about it, as eventually my being an atheist will become either a problem or a scapegoat to explain being knocked around by one's scummy boyfriend. Ha, I suppose my comment about being a professional scapegoat is coming to fruition, of course, I planned to be paid for this, not possible assualt charges, and not for something as pathetic as a cut lip, if I am going to be arrested for assualt, I had better get my money's worth!
As for other news, I received my Rosiel wig in the mail today, it's lovely, it shall work perfect for my cosplays at Anime Expo, heh, I am such a geek, I love it!
I got my transfer, all that has to be done is the paperwork, I was told to call my new store next week to get my schedule, I will probably start the day after I get to Florida, might as well dive in head first.
Heh, to file away in my forgetfullness files, I got all ruffled when I thought I had lost my make-up bag on the bus, I had to buy a new make-up stick and purchase new cosmetics from MAC, only to find my make-up bag sitting pretty in our bathroom at the H-Tizzle...yes, I am an idiot, thank you. *Bows* At least I was able to return the pricey MAC make-up, sigh. On that note, I am off!

 Feed the Fever!    2005-06-18 23:21:56 ET
Feh, so very tired, I have had very little rest the last few days, this Saturday night was the first respite that I have gotten in awhile, it was a welcome one at that, with myself leaving SoCal in about two weeks, possibly never to return, I am currently in a frenzy of activity. I have also been working a lot lately, not that I am complaining since I could surely use the funds, it is just tiring since I work during the day and go out all night. Granted, this situation is of my own making but still! I do not have another day off until Wednesday and that day is already booked with going to Hollyweird to do a bit of shopping and the like! Ah well, as the old saying goes, "You can rest when you are dead."
I did not go to Bunker on Friday night, I should have but I was simply not in the mood, just too much going on, plus I did not get off work till 10 that evening and I do enjoy primping, making myself look purty before I go out. Instead, I bought my father a Father's day gift, argh, how I loathe these damn holidays! I also rented a few movies and watched them with friends, Shaun of the Dead which I have seen several times but come on, it's Shaun of the Dead, besides, I needed a good laugh. Than we rented this movie, which was bloody amazing, I loved it, heh, and it really creeped out my friends who watched it with me, an added bonus, since I never get frightened by horror films, I enjoy gauging the reaction of other people to them, let's just say that I laugh...a lot. I would totally recommend seeing it, the visuals are incredible, I do so enjoy J-Horror, true, it is a great deal more subdued than American horror but in my opinion, that makes it better, though sometimes the plots get a bit muddled, but somethings can be forgiven if the story is compelling enough. And it takes place in a hospital, with a killer virus, what could be better than that?!
Before I leave, I want to do a photoshoot in my Chastity Nun dress that I never wear due to it's length and my modesty, but I would love a rosary as a visual aide, they were selling some at the mall I work at, for $20 a piece, wtf?! Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper or would like to give or loan me one, I swear, no harm shall come to it! Also, if anyone knows of any abandoned churches or something similar that are in the Orange County area, please let me know as that would be super! ^_^
Ah well, back to going out tonight, I shall be making an appearance at the new club opening, Malediction Society, you had better not suck club! *Shakes fist* Ah, there is no rest for the weary!

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